Dear Friends of Wildlife

December 1, 2015

Dear Friends of Wildlife,

As you may already know, I have been ousted from my position on the board of the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center (BRWC), and from my position as the BRWC veterinarian responsible for the care of injured and sick wildlife. This has been a heart wrenching turn of events for me, especially from an organization that I founded 15 years ago. As a result of the BRWC’s actions, specialized veterinary care for wildlife was no longer provided in this area, so I decided to create a new non-profit organization with a new name, called Wildlife Veterinary Care (WVC).

I formed Wildlife Veterinary Care for the same reasons I formed the BRWC in 2000, which is to provide specialized veterinary care for sick and injured wildlife, to provide advice during wildlife emergencies, and to educate about threats to wildlife. Wildlife Veterinary Care is a federally and state recognized 501c3 charitable organization, and contributions are fully tax-deductible.

While it is hard to believe that I am no longer affiliated with the BRWC, I am looking forward to providing care to wildlife through WVC. Providing care for wildlife, and educating others about wildlife, has been my life’s work, and will continue to be my life’s work.

Wildlife Veterinary Care is an all-volunteer charity. Donations are needed to purchase medical supplies required to care for sick and injured wild animals, to purchase the special foods and caging these wild animals require, and to pay for all the special permitting and licenses needed for these activities. Many of the people who supported my efforts at the BRWC are helping me now with this project. They are too numerous to name in this letter, but please know that I am so very grateful for their support and encouragement. Dr. Tom Leahy is very generously continuing to support wildlife by letting me use his veterinary hospitals, Roseville Veterinary Clinic and Plaza Pet Clinic for radiographs and surgery. I am very thankful to the donors who have given kennels and other supplies in recent days, and who have made donations through PayPal on the Wildlife Veterinary Care Facebook page. Of course, this has merely scratched the surface of the need we have for additional donations and support. Many more donations will be needed to help with the cost of starting up this new venture and purchasing supplies to care for the animals. I am calling on friends and supporters to help get the word out about Wildlife Veterinary Care (WVC), and I urge you to contact me so that together we can face these challenges and bring needed help to injured wildlife in our area. Thank you for your past support. I can be reached at 540-664-9494, or by email at Please follow my activities on the Wildlife Vet Care Facebook page, and on our website. Thank you.


Belinda Burwell, D.V.M.
Veterinarian and Director
Wildlife Veterinary Care

– NOTE: Donate* via PayPalnow through December 29, your donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $2,500 thanks to a kind donor.

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